Sensory Friendly Mass Guide


Author Shannon Farrell shares all the steps parents or lay leaders need to take to set up a sensory friendly Mass at their parish- it’s easier than you think! Families that include those living with Autism, intellectual disabilities, or Alzheimer’s may find it easier to attend a sensory friendly Mass. Offering a sensory friendly service at your parish will be sure to attract families who feel attending a typical Sunday Mass is too challenging for their family. This opens the door to greater attendance and participation for families who may have stopped attending Church altogether. Scheduling a regular sensory friendly Mass is a great way to become a more inclusive and welcoming parish!  




This guide includes:

  • Where to learn about sensory friendly Masses best practices.
  • How to approach your pastor about starting a sensory friendly Mass.
  • What a sensory friendly Mass looks like.
  • What to do after a sensory friendly Mass; community building and gathering feedback.
  • Example letters and templates.


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