Accepting the Gift Religious Education Curriculum – Paperback



We know that educating your children about their faith can be tough, especially when your child has unique physical, mental, or emotional challenges. That’s why we’ve created a curriculum that you can use within the supportive environment of your home to teach your children about the Catholic Church in a thorough, yet gentle, way. Our curriculum can be used from September to June program. Topics include:

  • Creation
  • Bible Stories
  • Parables
  • Prayer
  • Sacraments
  • Vocations
  • Virtuous Living
  • Theology of the Body for Children
  • Holy Days
  • The Domestic Church

Our guidebook gives you lessons, scripture and Catechism quotes, while our workbook (sold separately) provides hands-on lessons suitable for all ages and abilities. This listing is for the printed paperback copy of our guidebook.

Note: This book is for private, home use only. Please contact Accepting the Gift for a classroom license to use these materials with a group. 


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